Planning an ethical eco-chic wedding? Do your part and give a sustainable wedding favour gift your guests will love.

Environmentally-friendly photo album

Guests can store memories in albums made of recycled paper and biodegradable materials.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are the perfect addition to any home and improve the air quality indoors.

Fruit Basket

If you are keen on using locally grown produce and are health-conscious, provide your wedding guests with a small sampling of healthy fruit in a basket.

Plantable card favours

Gift your guests with seeds that they can plant. From flowers, to fruits and trees, guests can garden and plant their seeds with love.

Sustainable wines

Organic wine makes the perfect favour for guests. Wine that is harvested from a sustainable process is ethical and enjoyable.


Candles made up of ethically sound ingredients like soybean or bees wax are a great giveaway for guests.


Green & Blacks organic chocolate truly makes a delicious effort to help save the planet.


Donating in your guest's name is a great way to encourage an eco-conscious lifestyle. Whether it's helping out a woodland organisation or a cancer society, contributing to charitable causes is a meaningful way to help the world.