No one can deny the genius (and quite frankly life-changing) phenomenon of the Permanent Blow-Dry. It's the straightening hair treatment that removes frizz from your locks and keeps it silky, shiny and soft for up to three months. It's a godsend to brides and most good salons nationwide offer the service. The only downside is that it's only available in one strength. The effect it has on uber-curly wiry hair is quite incredible, but on slightly halo-prone okayish / thickish hair it can leave it looking thin, flat and lifeless. So imagine our delight when Equus salon in London's Knightsbridge announced a new collection of straightening treatments with varying strengths to suit your hair type. Hooray! It's called the Brocato Curl Interrupted Smoothing System and comes in three options: • Brocato Demi - delivering results that last for 12 weeks (from £195) • Brocato Semi - perfectly smoothes hair for up to 3 weeks (from £120) • Brocato Temporary - ideal for a special occasion, lasting for up to 3 days (from £35) Brilliant. Our advice is to pop in about six months before your wedding to have a consultation and try out one of the treatments, see how you like it, then re-book before your wedding. The stylists at Equus are genuinely lovely and talented, and the salon itself is relaxed and welcoming. And did we mention Harrods is just across the road? To book, contact Equus Hair (176 Brompton Road, London SW3 1HQ) on 020 7584 0105 or visit