This week I had Trish Lomax, the UK's top nail technician, give me a manicure. She introduced me to a new nail polish brand Mavala. I love their amazing colours. I had Cedar Green, just used in the Topshop ad campaign. I thought how cool they'd be on bridesmaids and wondered why I hadn't taken it a step further with my bridesmaids, beyond the dress, and done their nails a fab colour rather just treating them to the normal ivory pinky colour I had. Nice but dull. It would have looked super cool! I too wish I'd been a bit braver. My local salon in the country had all the usual safe colours so I suggest taking your own colour with you. Mavala comes in cute little bottles perfect for carrying around and are only £3.95 from Debenhams and John Lewis - not exactly going to break the wedding bank! I recommend the grey (very now) Berlin for silver dresses (what I should have had!) Cedar Green for dark dresses, Mexico pink and Ruby deep red for everything else. Fans include Sienna Miller, Lily Allen and Alexandra Burke. For bridal try the Arosa, Reno or Witchita, all pale pale pinks. The Mavala Basecoat, Colorfix Topcoat and Mavadry from £5.27 are all excellent especially if its a DIY mani. Essie too has just launched a new fashion bridal range of colours called the Wedding Colour Collection. From pastel pinks and lilacs to a perfect ivory. Famous for their fab names (Show Me The Ring (pearl), Walk Down The Aisle (cream) - they suggest slipping a bottle into you Maid Of Honours' bouquet for last minute touch ups - not a bad idea I can tell you. Chips do happen even on your wedding day! From £8.95 each FINALLY TWO items your nails cannot live with out on your wedding day 1) Seche Vite nail top coat - the fastest drying top polish ever, making your colour look glossy and totally professional! £8.95 2) Mavala's Scientifique nail hardening pen - will keep them un-chipable. £10.68; 01732 459 412