What do you get when you take a flower maestro, a beauty expert and one covetable beauty brand? Bridal catnip…

When we heard that By Appointment Only Design's Javier Salvador joined Editorial Director at Birchbox UK Jessica Diner to give Estée Lauder's favourite fragrance note (the rose, of course!) a beautiful, wedding-worthy makeover, we had to get our mitts on the pictures.

Here, we share a sneak peek of the collaboration as well as top tips from Jessica and Javier about how to recreate the bloom-beautiful look for your own big day.

Jessica Diner - Beauty Editor and Editorial Director at Birch Box UK

What should you think about when choosing a wedding scent?

I know it sounds cliché but you really should choose a fragrance especially for your wedding. The key is though, once you have chosen it, don't wear it at all until the actual day. That way, whenever you wear it again, you will be transported straight back there and think of wonderful happy memories. Your sense of smell is very powerful like that.

My favourite flower is... Jasmine - the way it looks, the way it smells, it's my ultimate. My dream is to have a big jasmine tree in my garden one day.

Which make-up would compliment a flower crown?

Take your cue from the flowers themselves and work around them. If you're opting for more of a pink palette, compliment with a bright pink blush (the colours will enhance one another), or if you are going for more natural whites and greens, I would let your skin sing with lots of ethereal silver-toned highlights. For both, your skin is the most important feature, because it acts as the crown's backdrop. Oh, and lashes - don't forget lots of mascara (waterproof, naturally) for a romantic flutter!

What's your advice on big day blooms?

For me, flowers were so important for my wedding and I cut back on many other areas so that they could be everything I wanted them to be. Whilst venues can speak for themselves, flowers are what bring the warmth, ambiance and atmosphere to a wedding and they are the way to personalise a venue and make it your own.

Being a beauty editor, scent and flowers were really important to me, so my florists, Javier and Tony from By Appointment Only Design, suggested matching the flowers in my bouquet to the floral notes of my fragrance - you can play around with the nuances of detail, so speak to your florist and have them suggest ways that they can add special touches for your big day.

Javier Salvador - Director at By Appointment Only Design

What do you need to consider when wearing flowers in your hair?

Flowers are naturally heavy as they store water in the stems and petals. Always go for a larger statement bloom and smaller flowers. Flowers like peonies with beautiful but delicate stamens will only last a few hours without water so best to only use these for photographs or the ceremony.

Which blooms work well for the summer season?

Roses always work well as they are naturally a stronger flower. Avoid hydrangea petals as they look amazing but wither in the sun.

If I don't have time to make a crown, how can I quickly add a floral element to my hair?

Literally break a flower head off and delicately attach this with a hair pin.

Are many brides wearing flowers in their hair?

Brides have always embellished their hair with little blooms, but we are seeing more and more flower crowns being ordered!

What's your top tip for choosing wedding flowers?

Always go for flowers that are in season as you will get more for your money!

Find out how to recreate the headdress worn by Jessica on www.esteelauder.co.uk.