Flowers: Larry Walshe
Wedding planner: Sweetpea and Blossom
Photography: Emilie White

Everything You Need To Know About Artificial Wedding Flowers

Couples looking to save some money on their wedding blooms have started using artificial flowers to supplement fresh ones. We talk to three talented UK florists about how they use artificial flowers and whether they are actually cost-effective. Read on to find out more

14 Mar 2019

Florists have always supplemented certain flower arrangements with artificial blooms. There are many reasons for this, but sometimes it isn't as cost-effective as you might think. Read on to find out whether artificial flowers are a good option for your wedding – or why they're not.

We spoke to three of the UK's premier florists to find out how and why they use faux flowers in their arrangements. Here's what they said:

Larry Walshe

Flowers: Larry Walshe
Wedding planner: Sweetpea and Blossom
Photography: Emilie White

"The beauty of artificial flowers is that they don't perish, which allows us to spend more time creating large designs or show-stopping pieces ahead of the wedding day. They're also a wonderful ingredient when creating arrangements that would include specific flower species, but which aren't available at that time of year. In the above image, we used artificial blossom to conjure a spring feel at a winter wedding, building a series of trees beneath an enormous 8ft-tall suspended chandelier, which weighed in at a whopping 250kg!

Good quality artificial blooms are significantly more expensive than fresh flowers. That being said, a number of florists will hold popular varieties in stock, in which case they can be a more cost-effective option.

My top tip? If you're going to use artificial flowers, place them where guests can't reach out and touch them to preserve the magic of your designs."

Zita Elze

Flowers: Zita Elze
Photography: Julian Winslow

"Having discovered very high-quality faux flowers in the last couple of years, I now often mix up to 10% of carefully chosen silks into our large fresh-flower arrangements. They're a clever way to create extra volume when well blended in and can be quite affordable if you hire them rather than purchasing. We first tried this on our Editor’s Gold Design winning stand at Brides the Show in 2016. And the best thing was that most of the visitors who came to our stand thought they were real!

Artificial flowers are very handy when a florist needs anything out-of-season, however quality is always paramount for us – they must look realistic. When we’re forward planning events and weddings, it helps to know that if certain flowers are running late in the season we can still create the couple's dream flower arrangements.

My top tip? Of course fresh is always best, but a touch of faux can be fabulous!"

Farima Perry

Flowers: Farima Perry

"We mostly use artificial flowers in flower walls that serve as a backdrop to a room, or for outdoor installations – for example when we know that an outdoor display has to last a long time but fresh flowers would wilt due to too much heat or not enough water. In our experience, most clients prefer to have fresh flowers in their table displays.

There are several advantages to using artificial flowers: the most obvious being that they are re-usable, but they're also easy to transport, easy to prepare a display with, and perfect for prepping and making flower arrangements ahead of the big day. And they're hypoallergenic, of course!

My top tip? Bear in mind that silk flowers tend to vary in price. The lower the cost, the less durable they are and the less realistic they look."