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Wedding Fireworks: Everything You Need To Know

We talk to Pyromusical Producer Serena Foyle about how to incorporate a magnificent display of fireworks into your wedding day

26 Feb 2019

The question is... who doesn't like fireworks? They are most definitely one of man's greatest inventions, turning dark skies into heavenly constellations and lighting up everyone's awe-inspired faces below. They're exciting, otherworldly and seriously spectacular. And we LOVE them at a wedding.

Wedding fireworks are the best way to finish your big day with a bang (get it?). Even better if they're a surprise for your guests; even better still if you're surprising your partner with an awesome display. They can be romantic and celestial just as much as they can look like something worthy of an action movie. That's where Pyromusical Producer Serena Foyle can step in... If you want a firework display that'll blow your guests away (and isn't just a lot of the same thing), read Serena's advice below.

1. Book as far in advance as you possibly can

The more time your producer has to plan, the better. The artistic process requires a number of meetings to get the final show just right. We need to cover music options, visit the show location, understand the style of wedding, the atmosphere you want to create across the entire day and your taste in music. In an ideal world, we'd have at least six months notice, or a little longer if we're planning a display for a destination wedding. Having said that... we have been known to shows around in under a week!

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2. Ensure your chosen venue has plenty of outdoor space

It’s basic but critical. The way fireworks look in the sky is very different from the how they spaced out on the ground. Larger fireworks are often set off a couple of hundred metres away from the audience – much further than you think. Also, it’s important to consider where your guests will watch the display from. Will it be just outside the marquee? In this case, you should consider adding a viewing platform. Or perhaps the venue has a beautiful terrace. In my opinion, it’s best to keep the viewing area close to the party to keep celebrations seamless. If a short walk is necessary, we like to use music to set the scene. At Foyle Fireworks we have a list of amazing venues for fireworks – and are happy to offer advice to couples who are looking for the perfect spot.

3. Include the timing of your display in the order of the day

And stick to it! While we are fortunate here in the UK that we don’t require a licence to light fireworks, there is an 11pm curfew for setting them off (with the exceptions of Bonfire Night, Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve). It's also worth nothing that if you’re planning to marry in Europe, specific licences need to be applied for, so do consider that in your planning schedule.

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4. Give us all the details, however small

When it comes to choosing what you want, the best way to start is by telling us everything about your day and the vibe you're going for. Knowing the location, menu, flower varieties and everything in between will help your pyrotechnic producer achieve the right atmosphere. We also want to hear about your favourite music, what you liked to listen to growing up and what you enjoy now, so we can curate the right soundtrack. Or maybe you already have fixed ideas: meaningful songs or certain artists and genres of music. Understanding what music you love most is a starting point for personalising the show. Seriously – you can incorporate any genre into a fireworks display.

5. Keep a secret

Surprise shows are one of the best to produce and we know how to keep them under wraps. In our case, the team will arrive in unbranded clothes and operate out of unbranded vehicles so as not to give the game away. Then there are the little white lies that sometimes have to be told by parents to curious brides and grooms. Often the team is “part of the production team organising lighting in the field!” We also work hard to time our set up around the overall order of the day and when the wedding party is away from the venue – especially for sound checks!

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6. You can get biodegradable fireworks

I’m glad to say that most of what we use at Foyle Fireworks is completely biodegradable. As the displays are fired electronically we do use plastic coated wires to cue in each firework, but these are brightly coloured and we do a very thorough clear up to make sure these are all picked up. Otherwise, most of our fireworks are made of cardboard and any debris that's missed will decompose. If you're organising an eco-friendly wedding, it's good to know that fireworks are still an option!

7. What does it cost?

Our prices start from roughly £1,500 per minute. But, as every one of our shows is totally bespoke, they're always priced individually.