7 Questions With Eyebrow Extraordinaire, Shavata

If you’re brows are in need of some serious TLC before the wedding, then you need to know Shavata Singh.

17 Aug 2018

With over 30 years’ experience in taming unruly brows and 20 concession studios in the UK and Ireland called The Brow Studio, Shavata has created an eyebrow empire and a name for herself as the 'go to brow guru.' As she counts Adele and Victoria Beckham among her celebrity clients, we jumped at the chance to ask her our brow questions.

Why are our eyebrows so important to maintain?

Eyebrows are like frames! You wouldn’t create a beautiful picture and then forget to frame it, it would look unfinished and incomplete. Similarly, brows frame the face and if you tend to them regularly, your face will always look beautifully framed and balanced.

There are many aspects of our appearance we maintain, but one that should never be missed is maintaining your brows. They have the ability to make a huge difference to the way you look and how confident you feel

What is the best way to shape the brow? Threading vs waxing vs plucking: or do you use all three?

Threading is the most precise way of shaping the brows, and it is the technique I have built my business on! However, my personal signature treatment does combine all three to get the most precise shape and finish. I often finish my brow sessions with plucking the odd stray hair to ensure that I have removed every hair that’s out of place. My precision tweezers are the perfect tool to remove even the smallest hairs.

Should you tint your eyebrows? How do you know what depth of colour to use?

Tinting is a great way of creating fullness and definition. Brows can appear thicker after a tint as they pick up the finest and fairest of hairs. Visit a professional when tinting, the shade of your brows should match the darkest hair on your head. A Shavata Brow Therapist will tint your brows in the perfect shade for you. Ensure you have a patch test in advance. I also believe eyebrow make-up is essential.

How far in advance should a bride be coming into the salon to start treating and shaping her eyebrows?

The Biggest problem with brides is that they just come too late. I can’t stress enough that organising brows for the big day is just like organising the dress, invites and catering. For example you would have tastings well before the big day to ensure there’s enough time to alter and perfect. Eye brows also need to be planned in advanced, a brow therapist needs to have time to plan, grow and correct her client’s brows. Where possible, you also need to stick with that therapist throughout the journey, you wouldn’t change your dress maker for each fitting.

People come in and say to me ‘I'm getting married on Saturday’ but there’s very little I can do in this time frame. You need to learn your client’s needs and plan.

Also for brow and lash tints we need to carry out a patch test. I will never tint brows or lashes or apply individual lashes for the first time a week before the wedding. I always recommend a brow trial for a special occasion like a hen party, that way the trial doesn’t get wasted and you get to try and test the look before the big day.

Be organised and prepared when it comes to your wedding day brows. The more in advance you start the process, the better, we recommend minimum 6 months before. This gives your therapist enough time to understand exactly what you want to achieve and gives your brows enough time to grow out a few times. This gives your therapist time to make sure you are happy with your shape.

Is it true that threading can actually help grow your eyebrows as well as giving you more definition and shape?

Hair removal doesn’t necessarily encourage hair growth, nor is it proven to slow it down! Threading is a very precise way of removing hair and shaping the brows. Ensure you visit an experienced technician so that they can talk you through the most suitable and achievable shape for your face. Threading your brows is a bit like going to the gym if you stick to a committed regime, they will always stay in shape and hair will grow out in the right places.

You do lash extensions in the salon: are these important for a bride-to-be to trial ahead of the big day to?

Always trial a new service before any important event. If lash extensions are new to you, I recommend you visit us at least 3 months before your wedding, this way you can trial different styles. You really don’t want to be in position where you feel uncomfortable. I believe that beauty services are there to enhance your features, not completely change the way you look.

Which celebrity would you say has the best #instabrows?

I admire Victoria Beckham for many reasons! I love her work life balance. She appears to be a very devoted mother, as well as being very driven in business. I adore her brows too, they suit her face shape and are just the right thickness.