Our top tips for fabulous flowers: 1. Pick very fragrant blooms to fill the venue with the heavenly smell of fresh flowers. Lilies are a great choice in this respect. 2. Ensure that you know your budget beforehand. Flowers can be more expensive that you might expect so make sure you know how much you have to spend in each area. 3. Be daring and mix bold colours like hot pink and lime green. Your florist will be able to give you advice on what will look best. 4. Get your florist to make headbands for your young bridesmaids with the same flowers you have in your bouquet. 5. Consider doing something a bit different. How about having your bridesmaids carrying singles roses rather than posies? Or at the reception try putting flower heads in cup cake cases and arranging on a dainty cake-stand in the centre. Intersperse with actual cupcakes for a tasty treat.