'I'll put the kettle on' Ahhh... comforting words that make everything alright again. A cup of tea is the quintessential British alternative to Valium, and we've found the perfect hit to take the edge off on your big day. 'Face the Moment' is a tea blend by Ayurvedic brand Hari Tea, designed for that very specific time on the wedding morning, once you're hair's in rollers and you're make-up done, before you put your dress on, while your bridesmaids and mum are getting preened and polished. It's that time when you finally get a minute to yourself, when no one is fussing around you, when you can sit down and take stock of the major life change you're about to experience. Suddenly, your mind gets a bit fluffy. Your eyes feel strained. Your skin begins to flush and it dawns on you that a) you're going to be the centre of attention all day and b) you're about to become someone's wife. Face the Moment's mission is to smooth away those feelings of panic by using a spiritual blend of rose (to relax and refresh the nervous system) and hibiscus (to ease off headaches and tension). It taste delicious, it's organic and it looks darn pretty too. I'll put the kettle on. £3.99 per box (16 tea bags), at Partridges, Whole Foods, www.yogamatters.com or www.haritea.com