Have your heard of FitFlops yet? If the answer is no, well you need to! Both Brides' Beauty Editor Alice and I are obsessssssssed with them! The genius behind these sandals (like flip-flops but much sturdier) is that they give you a workout while you walk. How? The curved engineered soles are proven to activate your leg muscles more every single time you take a step. Both Alice and I have said that our bums, thighs and calf muscles feel firmer after our walk home from the office. Trust me - you need to start wearing these a few months before your wedding to get that honeymoon body up to date. Best of all the designs themselves are ideal to take on honeymoon, be it poolside or on sightseeing tours. There are 20 fashionable and sporty styles for women from £36 each. What if your pre-wedding run-up is not in the summer? Well hey presto, there's a newly-launched boot collection, (from £135 including 6 designs) very much like Ugg boots in style (but more flattering, and so comfortable you can't even feel the muscles working) so you will remain on-trend even in the winter. Need I convince you more? Hopefully not, but you might like to know celeb followers include Louise Redknapp, Daisy Lowe, Brooke Shields and Julianne Moore. See the full range at www.fitflop.com.