2018's Hottest Wedding Flower Trends

We interviewed celebrity florist Larry Walshe to find out what the most popular wedding flower trends are for 2018. What he's come back with makes us want to host numerous weddings - just so we could feature them all! Read on to learn what's hot in wedding flowers for 2018, from the expert.

"With a rise in millennial weddings, trends this year seem to have been focused on creating a unique and immersive environment, packed with creativity and flair. Big, bold designs - filled with personality and enough of a visual impact to seriously wow guests - are top of the hit list in 2018.

Following on from 2017's Pantone Colour of the Year being green, we've seen a sharp rise in couples wanting designs full of foliage and, in some cases, using only greenery. This look continues to flourish both on the runway and even in designers' resort collections, which often feature big, green tropical prints.

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Building on the 2017 trends, mixed botanicals and fragrant garden-inspired designs seem to be the direction for 2018. We are seeing a movement towards detailed designs, which include a greater number of flowers, but maintain a lot of depth and intrigue through the use of mixed foliage. Overall, the look is much more British than it is tropical. Arrangements packed with texture and depth and bursting with colour that emulates what's being grown in the garden will be top of the pick list this summer. And the blooms we're loving for this include fabulous scented garden roses, veronica, fragrant stocks and rosemary.

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Our top tip: If you're looking to create bountiful botanical designs, make sure you use lots of different foliage varieties (there are SO many to choose from) in order to create a really interesting piece that's rich in detail and colour. Also, if your wedding venue faces into the light, make sure you include a bright highlight flower, as your arrangements will otherwise appear in silhouette!

Larry Walshe

While soft, muted blush and vintage pastels will be an eternally popular wedding colour scheme, this year, we've noticed a movement towards the pairing of opposing colours, as well as the inclusion of recessive tones for a more trend-savvy palette. Taking inspiration direct from the runway, soft pinks and cream tones are now being punctuated with deep red hues to add warmth and depth. This very bold combination is actually incredibly romantic and results in designs that offer ongoing delight and interest. We like to, where possible, add interest to our creations, so frequently use numerous different flower varieties to explore popular palettes like these.

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Another detail we've noticed is becoming increasingly popular in 2018 is the use of coloured candles. For years, we've only seen white and ivory accessories gracing the top table but now, working with millennials who're fearlessly comfortable to create schemes with bold accents or clashing shades, we're seeing coloured candles as another way to bring individuality to your special day. Sharp purple or subtle vintage pink accents give your wedding a detail-driven and style-savvy narrative.

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A wedding colour chart to look out for this year is soft pink and ivory punctuated by bursts of recessed berry and red, blush and champagne. The colour combination is perfect for summer weddings; a joyful riot of tones that reflect the bountiful aesthetic of a British garden.

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We've noticed a move from specific 'showpieces' (such as flower walls) to statement designs that are crafted for your venue. We like to think of these arrangements as a sort of 'experience' being offered to your guests. For example, this could be a meadow of flowers running along your aisle (possibly the most memorable walk of your life!). Or perhaps a veritable garden your guests will walk through to enter your wedding - which is also perfectly styled for photographs. We also see abundant floral table designs. Each location and couple is unique and so are the choices they make. What is noticeable, however, is that many of our clients are keen to find a way to elevate their wedding's setting, so that they can offer their guests a really memorable experience.

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What is your best piece of advice for couples planning their wedding flowers?

Be original! I start each and every meeting with a blank piece of paper and draw a flower scheme with my client's vision firmly at the centre of it. I always try to express their personalities through my work. The only limit is your imagination!

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When planning a wedding this year, look at the space you're working in and consider adding one or two key statement arrangements. From there, you can decorate other areas more modestly, while still leaving a lasting impression in your guests' memories.

Also, when liaising with florists, have an idea of the budget you're looking to spend and be open with your supplier. Doing so will allow them to plan the very best scheme for you. If you are researching multiple florists, this will also give you a clear comparison between them."

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