Anyone who has ever read a Jilly Cooper novel will appreciate the attraction of polo as a sport (and I'm not just writing about the game!) So it is with great delight that we can announce Gaucho, the award-winning Argentine Steak Restaurant Group is bringing the essence of polo to London. Gaucho Sunset Polo at Ham Polo Club is this Saturday June 26 and makes for a perfect hen party - or just a day out with your bridesmaids! On the day you can learn to play polo (if you're feeling brave), play bike polo (for a safer option) or (and possibly more desirably) there will also be wine tasting and polo matches played by the professionals, including the heart throb that is Adolfo Cambiaso who is the best polo player in the world. Tickets vary - you can chose between a day ticket or a day and lunch ticket which includes lunch at Gaucho Richmond beforehand where you can indulge in mouth-watering steaks from Argentina. Or for a real experience of Argentinean life you can buy tickets for the day, lunch and charity dinner and after-party hosted by Adolfo himself with music and dancing! One thing's for certain - it will be a truly tasty day out! Day tickets, £10 Day and lunch tickets £40 Day, lunch, dinner and after party £120 All profits go to Adolfo's charity. For further information and to book tickets please contact Matt Ford at Gaucho on