Three-week manicures are almost identical to normal manicures, but the polish contains a plastic molecule that stays intact once it's been 'cured' under a UV light. For weddings, it's a lifesaver because you don't need to worry about chipping or smudging and they'll still look amazing throughout your honeymoon. It's removed using pure acetone after three weeks without damaging the natural nail. It comes in loads of colours, or you can have a simple pale pink then paint ordinary nail-polish on top (which you can take off with regular nail-polish remover without affecting the three-week mani underneath). It's a genius concept and every nail bar in the UK has its own version. The thing is, I've had this done a few times but the consistency has always been too thick and fake-looking. By day five it gets annoying and I'll pick it all off when I'm bored on the bus. However, a new brand from the States called Gelish has hit these shores and one of its USPs is that the formula is super-thin and won't gather in lumps screaming 'peel me off!' It's the brand that Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry use (Katy wears their disco-pink glittery one). I went to try it out. It's brilliant. I chose a pale transparent fresh pink and so far, so good. It's been almost a week and they look absolutely perfect. Better still, they look so natural because of the thin application. I'm hooked! I had it done at Debenhams' new in-store pamper parlours called Filthy Gorgeous - which are also worth a mention because they're perfect for hen parties. Imagine a cool, hip-but-girly boudoir where you can have your nails done, get a hair up 'do, have your brows threaded, try on wigs, flick through the latest gossip mags and play with gorgeous make-up with all your hens. It's all available at Filthy Gorgeous and I urge you to have a look next time you're in Debenhams in Oxford Street, London or in Glasgow. Simply walk over and book yourself in, or take over the entire place with your girls! Gelish manicures cost £55, or you can have a normal manicure for £15. Visit for more info.