There are plenty of things, which you can do in order to up the ante when it comes to getting healthy before your wedding. You want to look your most radiant, your most fresh, and well, let's face it...your absolute show-stopping best! The obvious suggestions are reducing your alcohol consumption to leave your skin in better condition, exercising more, and trying to get at least seven hours of sleep at night - you will struggle to make decisions if you are constantly feeling tired. Health supplements are also a good idea for giving your body a general boost, and Holland and Barrett have everything you need under one roof. If weight loss is your goal, do it the healthy way and rather than going on a faddy diet take natural slimming products in the months before your wedding. Try the Super Green Tea diet, which costs £7.99 and is jam packed full of antioxidants and will support the metabolism of any sugar and fat you eat. In the long term it will aid weight loss without interfering too much with your day-to-day life.