Make glitter-dusted corsages for your groom and ushers. Take large Avalanche roses and cut each stem 6cm from the head. Spray the tops of the petals with gold glitter spray. Cut three lengths of China grass measuring 15cm. Bend one length of grass into a loop and stick, along with the other two pieces, to the rose stem with floristry tape. Cover the stem with craft glue and wrap with satin ribbon. Loop a piece of ribbon and, using a pin, fix it where the rose head meets the stem. Avalance roses, £3, Jamie Aston. Ribbon, 50p per metre, VV Rouleaux. Glitter spray, £4.99, Plasti-kote. Diamante-headed pins, £15 for 100, Jamie Aston. As seen in the November/December issue of Brides.