Curious about different toasting traditions? Here's a round-up of some well-wishing wedding toasts from around the world.

An Italian Toast:

A traditional toast is made by a male wedding guest who exclaims "Evviva gli sposi" This means "Hurray for the newlyweds!" Wedding attendees applaud and cheer on the newly-married couple. This toast is shouted during the reception when there is a quiet pause, in an effort to bring excitement.

A Jewish Toast

A classic toast involves a personal sentiment wishing the couple good luck and including "Mazel Tov!" This means congratulations. Use "L'chaim" at the end of the speech to close off. "L'chaim" means "To life" in Hebrew. Wedding guests will in turn shout "L'chaim!" back and then will drink.

An Irish Toast

A favourite start of an Irish wedding toast is "Sl"inte. This means good health and is pronounced "Slawn-tche"

A Chinese Toast

At the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds will drink and toast, while sweets and fruits are offered to the happy couple to wish them a long and prosperous life and lots of children.

A Mexican Toast

Traditionally made by the father of the bride or best man, at the end of the speeches he will raise a glass and say "Salud" - which means 'health'. Everyone reciprocates, drinks, and claps for the couple.