Here are some Chinese wedding ceremony traditions.

Traditionally when selecting the wedding date, it is chosen according to the lunar calendar.

From invitations to gift envelopes, red is a dominant hue used in the wedding as it represents luck, prosperity and happiness.

Before the wedding day, a Chinese bride spends it with her friends. On her wedding day she takes a bath with pomelo in order to ward off bad influences.

The night before the wedding, the groom sleeps in the bed gifted by the parents of the couple. He must have a young nephew jump on the bed as a sign of good luck. This ritual is practised in hopes of creating a child.

On their wedding day, the bride and groom serve tea to their parents, family members and guests. The bride will wear three different dresses on her wedding day. The bride traditionally wears the white dress with a veil at the wedding ceremony. Then she wears a classic Chinese wedding dress to the banquet. Lastly, she wears a going away ensemble, which is worn before the banquet ends. The reception is typically a wedding banquet and usually involves a 12-course meal.

On the day after the wedding, the bride must honour her ancestors. She is also formally introduced to the grooms family and friends. Three days after her wedding, she visits her own family.