Here's what to expect at a traditional wedding ceremony.

Traditional ceremonies take place in Shinto Shrines. The bride wears a white kimono and an embellished headpiece to attract good luck. The bride is painted in white, which symbolises her unmarried status to the gods. The groom wears a traditional black kimono.

As the couple exchange their vows, their families stand and face each other. Japanese sake is used in "san-san-kudo." This is a ceremonial custom where the bride and groom drink wine nine times. San-san-kudo is the point that solidifies the marriage. It celebrates the formulation of the couples' bond. Family members and wedding attendees drink to celebrate their unity as well as the adjoining of the two families.

At the wedding reception, the bride wears a red kimono. Guests are invited to participate in games, songs and such in celebration of the union.