Here's what is on the agenda at a traditional Mexican wedding ceremony.

The Mexican bride typically wears a mantilla veil with her wedding dress. She may even opt to wear a bolero jacket or a flamenco dress. The groom could wear a classic matadorian outfit. He may also choose a Mexican wedding shirt with loose pants.

During Mexican ceremonies, it is tradition for the priest to tie up the hands of the bride and groom with a lazo. The lazo is composed of a ribbon, a rosary or a string. As the couple exchange vows, the lazo binds the couple's hands in a figure-of-eight. This shape represents their eternal bond to one another.

The groom then gives the bride thirteen coins. This is called "arras." The tradition of the thirteen gold coins represents that the groom will always support his bride.

A Mexican reception is filled with food, sangria and lots of Latin music. A popular tradition is the Mexican wedding dance where guests dance with the newly-married couple and present them with money.