Top Tips From The Goldsmiths Ring Experts

How do you pick the perfect diamond? What's the best way to clean your engagement ring? The experts from Goldsmiths - our headline sponsor at Brides the Show 2017 - answered all this and much, much more at their masterclass sessions this weekend.

So, just how do you choose the perfect diamond? Laura Bissett, a bridal and diamond buyer at Goldsmiths, who has over eight years' experience in the world of sparklers, says: "It's all about the four cs: cut, colour, clarity and carat. The most important being cut: that's what determines the sparkle!"

"Colour you can see; clarity is about how many imperfections there are, which affects how light flows through the diamond. Carat is the physical weight: the heavier, the more expensive the diamond."

What about finding the perfect ring for your hand shape - and your own personal style? "If you've got larger hands, choose a bigger shape, like a multi-stone ring, as opposed to a solitaire."

The best way to clean your diamond so it doesn't lose its sparkle? "It's best to use proper jewellery cleaner but a good tip if you don't have any is a tiny bit of fairy liquid and a baby's toothbrush, the softest you can find," says Laura. "And make sure you rinse well!"

Of course, Goldsmiths don't just make engagement rings: there's endless bridal jewellery to choose from. "Your dress is the star of the show, but that doesn't mean your jewellery can't compliment it perfectly," explains Laura. "With a strapless or sweetheart gown, skip the necklace altogether and go for chandelier earrings or drop earrings, or an Art Deco bracelet."

"V-neck wedding dresses were made for jewellery! All styles of necklaces work: you can even layer for a high-fashion look."

"But, the main thing is stick to what you know to feel comfortable on your day," says Laura, "don't pile on loads if you don't normally wear it, just because it's your wedding day!"

If you want to speak to the Goldsmiths experts yourself, you can still come along to Brides the Show tomorrow. Click here to get your tickets now!

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