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Groom Gifts: Our Favourite Wedding Present Ideas For The Groom

We all know how hard it can be thinking of a lovely present for a man – it's not because they're fussy or difficult (often, quite the opposite) – but there are just fewer gift options out there for them. Don't worry, we're to lend a helping hand. Read on to be inspired by some of our favourite groom gift ideas

30 Jul 2018

We do hate to generalise, but it seems to be a universal feeling that it's infinitely easier to buy women a lovely present than men. There can come a point where you've covered everything for their birthday or anniversary – whether it's nice socks, a good pair of cufflinks, a framed picture or cool gadget... There always seems to be more ideas for women out there (be that jewellery, a spa day or those shoes she's always wanted). Anyway, even if you think this isn't true, it's still handy to have a helpful list of ideas to take inspiration from. Particularly for a groom's wedding present, which is possibly one of the most significant gifts you'll ever give to him! Below, we've included a range of groom gift ideas (from special but affordable to downright once-in-a-lifetime), so everyone can find something in here to suit their man. Read on to discover some of our favourite groom gift ideas.

A delicious fragrance

The trick here is to choose a scent that you love – and that you think he will too. After all, you'll be the only other person smelling it all the time. Some of our favourite new men's fragrances are the following:

  • Acqua Di Parma Colonia Sandalo, warm and citrusy. From £179 for 100ml
  • Tom Daxon Laconia, citrusy and leafy, £105 for 50ml
  • Penhaligon's Hidden London Collection: woody (the Marylebone), spicy (the Kensington) and fragrant (the Belgravia). From £137 for 100ml
  • Aramis Tobacco Reserve: sweet and smoky. From £50 for 60ml

A bespoke gift box

A seriously smart leather card holder, delicious-smelling diffuser, gourmet chocolate bar, sleek black photo frame (for his favourite wedding photo). Instead of choosing just one groom gift, why not give him these luxurious and practical trinkets on the big day? Parcel London has a range of gift boxes, too, so you can have a look and see if any of them are just perfect for your boy.

Mr. Chelsea parcel, £75, Parcel London

What's your partner's favourite hobby? Or favourite animal? Does he have a family crest? Because there are an amazing array of cufflink designs out there to suit anyone. For example, we really adore these beautiful yacht-shaped cufflinks for a man who loves to sail. But if you struggle to find quite the right thing, why not get your wedding date engraved onto a pair? Whatever you choose, they should be worthy of becoming an heirloom piece.

18ct-gold enamel yacht cufflinks, £4,350, Deakin & Francis

A luxury grooming kit

The old-school look of this men's groom box is beautiful. But it's more than just the aesthetic that makes this a brilliant groom gift idea. It contains everything a gent needs to look and smell divine. Shaving cream, after-shave balm, face lotion, beard oil, bronzer, hair-styling product and a handy tube key for squeezing out the last of the cream. The products' wonderful scent is inspired by tobacco, hair tonic and pomade from traditional barbershops. And he can remove the wood insert after everything is finished and be left with a reclaimed oak-wood box to store treasures in.

Men's Grooming box, £273, Le Labo

A bespoke suit

Gieves & Hawkes

There is, quite possibly, nothing as special as having your measurements taken, discussing the design, colour and fabric, as well as occasion, for your own custom-made suit. Particularly on Savile Row – arguably the home of bespoke tailoring. The suit a client creates with his cutter is one-of-a-kind – and its final fit is utterly perfect. This is the kind of thing rock stars do on the daily. And perhaps it's something you'd like to gift him on his wedding day!

Bespoke suits from £5,000, Gieves & Hawkes

A leather padfolio

For a man who runs from meeting to meeting taking notes, this could be a really practical gift. With no expense spared. Aspinal's Executive A4 padfolio comes in navy and black, as well, but our favourite shade is most definitely this rich brown shade, called 'smooth cognac & espresso'. It's ridiculously smart and perfect for a professional. What's more, you can add his initials to it for a personalised touch. And opt for Aspinal's gift wrap service – it saves you the wrapping and looks truly amazing. Worthy of your wedding day.

Executive A4 zipped padfolio, £215, Aspinal of London

A watch

It's fairly traditional to buy your husband a watch on his wedding day. And in terms of it being something he'll use daily, as well as something he'll treasure, this makes a lot of sense! Some of our favourite watch brands include Omega, Cartier and Franck Muller. Of course, Rolex would be a wow-factor option, if you can afford it. We're very admiring of this design from the Roberto Cavalli by Franck Muller collection. It's bold and stylish in its use of rose-gold, but maintains a timeless look. Easy to wear and nice to look at. Tick, tick.

Sterling silver and rose gold watch, £900, Fenwick