When planning your guest list it is all too easy to just keep adding people on - but what if you can't? Or, more importantly, don't want to? We ask the experts:

If he (or you) have a huge family and this is starting to become a big issue, you really do need to stop making your wedding a massive family reunion.


"There is a way to deal with this problem that keeps everyone involved," says s Liz Brewer, author of The Ultimate Guide to Party Planning & Etiquette. "Between you and your fiancé, work out who are the most significant members of his family - who has to be invited to the entire wedding."

"The less crucial members (and younger ones, such as cousins) could be invited to an after-party. Alternatively, plan a family-only post-wedding celebration that his parents can organise."

But what about if you can't stop inviting people along? Torn between the two worlds of 'If I wouldn't take them out for lunch, why am I inviting them to my wedding?' and 'Just invite them, the more the merrier.'


Wedding planner Anna McGregor advises: "Remember, it's your wedding and you can do anything you want. Everyone understands that the number of guests can be an issue because of both space and budget constraints."

"If you feel that you don't want to or can't invite someone, try talking to them about it or writing them a card to explain. If you approach it that way, most people will understand."

Having an engagement party is also a great opportunity to include those who won't be coming to the wedding. Or consider a post-wedding party when you're back from your honeymoon and can show off the wedding pictures.