Years ago my ex-editor came into work one day wearing a pair of beautiful black velvet boots. I said 'Wow! Where are those from?' to which she replied, 'Thank you they're Prada, darling.' I was 23 and majorly impressed, and in that moment she was the most fabulous creature on earth. As she walked into her office she laughed, 'Nah! They're Per Una!' and my wide-eyed adulation deflated like a let-go balloon gently farting into the distance. Silly woman. I would have believed her too. In some cases, it's fine to sprinkle the correct answer with some creative fairy dust. I regularly play-up my favourite white blazer and tell admirers it's Tory Burch (slightly obscure and believable) when actually it's ASOS cheap-as-chips and possibly made from frying pan Teflon.


But there are exceptions to this game and a prime example is wedding perfume. You simply can't pull off a cheapo scent and say it's 'Chanel, darling' (women just know - it's in our DNA). And if you do tell the truth, what a great shame it would be to announce: 'Oh why thank you! It's…errr... Britney Spears Eau de Magic Unicorn Tears!' or similar.


So it's simple: buy good perfume. Luckily the prettiest bridal ones have wonderful, whimsy names, such as Ralph Lauren Romance… Creed Love In White… Lancôme La Vie Est Belle… Aerin Iris Meadow… Jo Malone Red Roses… But if you want to really, really impress those wide-eyed adoring guests, there is something utterly brilliant from Guerlain that will slap them silly with the fabulous stick.


Their latest fragrance, referred to as Mon Exclusif, doesn't actually have a name. You get to invent it. Go to the Guerlain counter at Selfridges on Oxford Street, where it is being exclusively sold right now, and have them engrave anything, ANYTHING, your heart desires within seven letters. Choose your name (or mine, like in this picture - fine by me!), your wedding venue, a colour, a mood, or just some made-up pretty nonsense like 'cloud' - just because you can. The perfume itself is beyond beautiful, as you would expect from Guerlain and their master perfumer, Thierry Wasser. There is breezy, cool lavender, a sweet gourmande note of toffee, salted butter caramel and vanilla; a fresh edge of mandarin and a long, skin-like linger of powdery iris and musk.

If bridal fairy dust is what you're after, you might as well be drenched in the stuff.

Guerlain Mon Exclusif Eau de Parfum, £105 for 50ml, exclusively at Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB.