There comes a time when brides have to face a difficult decision: to go over the budget and get the dress of their dreams, or stay within budget and get that other dress. What is a girl to do? Thankfully, the solution might combine the best of the two worlds; staying within your budget and getting that gorgeous dress your really wanted. How you ask? Well, you find it on, of course. The online boutique is the brainchild of Sharon Wolter-Ferguson - she was looking to sell her designer wardrobe but couldn't find an easy option for women on the go; second-hand dress agencies sometimes charge extortionate commissions and e-bay poses authenticity issues. The website boutique instead offers the chance to buy or sell pre-owned luxury goods (with each listing personally approved by their team) and even features a bridal section! So next time you are faced between a designer dress and keeping to your budget - perhaps browse instead. For more details visit WEDDING DRESS GALORE RECEPTION THEMES YOU WILL LOVE BE INSPIRED BY REAL WEDDINGS