Brighten your space with hanging garlands. 1. Photocopy patterned fabric onto A3 paper and cut it into 11 strips 1.5cm wide: two 10cm long, two 12cm, two 14cm, two 16cm and three 18cm (one of these will be your central strip). 2. Take each pair of strips and arrange either side of your central strip, longest to shortest, with the pattern facing inwards. 3. Hold the strips together at the base and loop them down, one at a time, until they are flush with the bottom of the centre strip. The looped strips should resemble concentric hearts. 4. Staple all the ends together and punch a hole at the top of the central strip. Repeat until you have enough hearts for a garland and thread together with twine. Fabric, £10 per metre, Liberty. String, £2.45 for 10m, Pipii As seen in the March/April 2012 issue of Brides MORE DIY DETAILS RECEPTION THEME INSPIRATION PLANNING YOUR WEDDING? START HERE