Add decorative touches to your tables. Fold a square of tissue paper in half twice, then in half diagonally. Take the 90-degree corner and fold so the short edfe is flush with the long folded edge to resemble a flat cone. With the overlap at the top, cut in a seicircle across the top through all the laters. Cut a diagonal line upwards, from the folded side up towards the open edge, to create the angled base of the heart. Unfold. Side plate, 25p; teacup and saucer set, 43p; cutler, 37p; napkin, £1.51, all to hire, Jones Hire. Tissue paper, £1.50 from five sheets, Paperchase. Place card, £199 for 10 Confetti. Calligraphy in Copperplate, £1.35, As seen in the March/April 2012 issue of Brides MORE DIY DETAILS RECEPTION THEME INSPIRATION PLANNING YOUR WEDDING? START HERE