This week, Brides takes a spin on the London Eye with the Powderpuff Girls... Looking to kick off your London hen night in high style? You can't get more glamorous than this! Mobile beauty team The Powderpuff Girls has joined forces with the London Eye and launched the Beauty Capsule. You and up to 15 hens can climb aboard a private pod, sip wine or champagne and have your make-up done by the adorable 50s-dressed make-up artists before hitting the town. When Brides took a spin, we emerged looking seriously fabulous: you can each choose from a variety of make-up looks (for instance the bronzy glowing "Sahara" or the ruby-lipped "Dita") - or make like us and all go for matching sex-kitten "Bardots" and step off looking fierce and foxy. From £900 per capsule, including three spins, five Powderpuff girls and a London Eye host; call 0870 220 2223 to book. - 22/07/2009