15 Hen Party Games Everyone Will Love

So you're off with your hen party and need to break the ice? We've gathered some of the most entertaining hen party games that you can all enjoy!

10 Jan 2019

The Mr and Mrs Quiz

Just how well do the bride and groom-to-be know each other? Put them to the test by meeting up with the groom before the hen party and ask him a few questions about himself and his bride-to-be. It's even better if you can film his answers to play back on the day. For added fun you can also ask the party attendees to guess how many questions they think the couple will get right, with prizes to be one. For ideas on what to ask the happy couple, check out our Mr and Mrs quiz questions

Hen hunt

This one takes some creativity and pre-planning, but with a bit of effort it is sure to be a roaring success. Ideally taking place at the hen’s home (our out and about if you're that clever), set up a treasure hunt with clues that tests everyone's knowledge of the bride. An example of a clue could be ‘Sophie wore this dress when George proposed,’ leaving the hen party to search through the bride’s wardrobe to locate the next clue hidden in the dresses’ pocket.

It's kind of a funny story

Gather a notepad and pen (a great chance to bust out some fun hen party stationery) and ask the hen party attendees when they arrive to write down how they met the bride and they’re favourite memory of her - obviously the more embarrassing the better. After a few drinks, bring the notepad out and ask the bride to read out the stories and guess who wrote each one. If they’ve done their job right, there are sure to be a few laughs.

Don't Say It!

Write a list of banned words for the night such as ‘wedding’, ‘hen’ or ‘fizz!’ and every time it’s uttered, the speaker has to take a dare.

Truth and lies

Fans of Would I Lie To You? will know a bit about how this one works. Ask each party attendee to write down one true fact and two lies about themselves - ideally a true fact know one else at the party knows. Once written down, everyone has to share their ‘about me facts’ before the rest has to guess which one is the truth.

Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong has ‘hen party’ written all over it. For the uninitiated, it is a somewhat upscale adaptation of beer pong, and requires players to split into two teams, setting up a table with 6 glasses either end, in a triangular shape. Taking turns, players throw or bounce the ping pong balls into the opponents glasses, and if they succeed the opponent drinks the glass of fizz. So it’s a win-win, really.

The Memory Sack

A fun one for the bride, before the hen party, ask each attendee to bring a small gift (the quirkier the better) that remind them of the bride. On the day, have the bride pull each gift out of a sack and guess who the gift is from. The present might be anything from a box of cereal to an item of clothing, so needn’t be expensive.

Balloon Question Time

Guests have to fill each of 20 balloons with a question written on a piece of paper, and throughout the evening the bride must pop a balloon, before either answering the question or doing a dare. Also, this game provides a good excuse to fill the room with pretty balloons.

The Groom Drinking Challenge

One for those that want to hit the bar, challenge the hen party, or more specifically the hen, to order a drink beginning with each letter of the groom's name. So if his name is Matt, you'll want to start with a margarita for M, followed by an Aperol spritz for A and finish it off with two tequilas for T. Now if the groom has a very long name, you might want to skip this game - that would be too cruel!

Wedding Movies 

While you might not have time to watch an entire wedding themed film, you can sure play charades with them. Pop everything from Runaway Bride to Bridesmaids into a hat and laugh while each team of hens try to guess the film.

Fill in the blanks

Another fun way to bring up old embarrassing stories of the bride. Ask the hen party crew to write down an embarrassing story of the bride, but to leave some of the key words blank. For example ‘Sophie once accidentally exposed her blank at a party in highschool which earned her the nickname blank.’ Each person then has to guess the blank words.

The Balloon Pass

We’re willing to bet our last Rolo you’ll be enjoying a glass of bubbly (or two) at your hen do – and this classic game is a great one to enjoy with a glass in your hand. Start by splitting the BFF into two teams and asking them to pass the balloon from one person to the next using their knees or noses. After a few proseccos it’s harder than it sounds…

Story Time

The beauty of this game is that it can be as X-rated or as sweet as you want it to be - and is one of the best hen party games for breaking the ice. Everyone in the group has to anonymously write down either an embarrassing or unusual story relating to men or dating (the naughty version of the game) or a story that they share with the bride-to-be (the family-friendly alternative). Put the stories in a hat and mix them all up, asking each hen to take it in turns to read one aloud before playing a game of ‘guess who?’

Dress The Bride

Split the hens into two teams giving them a whole host of props – think feathers, sequins, Sellotape, and tin foil – and get them to create the most, er, ‘beautiful dress’ they can in five minutes. The winner? The one that makes the bride-to-be laugh like a drain…

Never Have I Ever

Everyone takes turns admitting to something they've never done. If anyone in the group has done it, they have to take a drink. Yep, it’s always the quiet ones…