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If the starry night sky is more your thing than the blazing midday sun, a winter honeymoon in Iceland is in order.

There are only three hours of daylight a day in the darkest months, so plenty of romantic 'night' time to fill! Of course, the main reason to come is to see the Northern Lights, and Hotel Ranga, 60 miles southeast of Reykjavik, is the ideal place to view them.

It's a log-cabin-style affair, and most of the 51 rooms are traditional and wood-clad, but for something different, globetrot through the seven World Pavilion suites - from the monochrome, penguin-themed Antarctica to the zen-style Asia.

When Jake Gyllenhaal stayed, he checked into the North America suite (for a taste of home), complete with cowhides, Navajo fabrics and bison heads on the wall.

WOW FACTOR: Food in the gourmet Restaurant 4 is first-class - make sure you try smoked puffin and wild salmon from the Ranga River.

Flight time: 3 hours.

GO: Abercrombie & Kent offers four nights from £1,375 per person, B&B. Includes flights and transfers.

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You've still got time to see what Nasa predicts will be the best display of the Northern Lights for 50 years (this winter), and Iceland is perfectly positioned to watch the show.

Wrapped in a blanket of snowy wilderness, Hotel Ranga is blissfully remote, with Mount Hekla volcano to one side and the Eystri-Ranga river on the other.


Inside, the 51 rooms include six 'world pavilions', decorated to represent continents (Aboriginal art for Australia, a cowhide-strewn cabin for North America), while the rest are simpler, cosy and wood-clad.

Relax in one of the hotel's outdoor hot tubs or take a trip to explore the Golden Circle, with its Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hot springs, or the Vatnajökull glacier.

Back in the warmth of the hotel, enjoy the creative cuisine (make sure you try puffin or reindeer). With the restaurant's floor-to-ceiling windows, you won't have to worry about missing the aurora while you tuck in.


WOW FACTOR: The dramatic displays of nature. Take a helicopter ride up the active Mount Hekla, roam across hot-spring-studded landscapes and see vast glaciers.

FLIGHT TIME: 3 hours

WHEN TO GO: Autumn, Winter

GO: Scott Dunn ( offers four nights from £950 per person. Includes flights and transfers.

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If staying in a log cabin in a snowy wilderness is your idea of heaven, you'll love the ultra-romantic Hotel Rangá.

Nestled between the Eystri-Rangá river and Hekla volcano, Rangá is in one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. This is the perfect base from which to explore the famed Golden Circle - an area that includes the Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir hot springs. Many rooms have their own Jacuzzis with stunning views, but the Rangá also has three hot tubs, where you can lie back and look at the night sky. The food is unforgettable, too - be sure to try the locally smoked puffin! Wow factor: The staff wake you up to see the Northern Lights, should they decide to make an appearance. Go: Doubles from £160 ( Icelandair ( flies to Reykjavik from £231 return.