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How To Beat 'Wedding Fatigue'

Too many wedding invites landing on your doormat? Bored of buying wedding gifts? Running out of annual leave? Done with day drinking? You may have a classic case of 'Wedding Fatigue'... Read on to discover some of the best cures around

11 Jan 2019

Of course, here at Brides, we never get bored of weddings. But it isn't uncommon (in the real world) that people develop 'Wedding Fatigue' when it seems like EVERYBODY is getting married. It's a domino effect: one of your friends gets engaged and married and, suddenly, the rest of them either get down on one knee or say a big fat 'YES' to whomever did.

This means that the majority of weddings you attend are likely to happen within three years of each other. Which may sound like a long time, but when you add up overnight stays, annual leave booked, weekends blocked out and money spent, it can feel like they're taking over your life. If this sounds about right, you may a case of Wedding Fatigue. Basically, you can't be bothered anymore.

We're here to help! Read on to learn 5 brilliant ways to ignite your excitement once again.

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1. Enjoy them while you can

Your friends and family only plan to marry once, so it's good to remember that having so many party invites won't last forever. Weddings are unique and also a fab opportunity to reconnect with people, celebrate your loved ones and get dressed up. As couples settle down and have children, life will be a lot quieter!

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2. Embrace the freebies

Okay, so the average guest spends a couple of hundred pounds to attend a wedding. (If you're wondering what on, think outfit, wedding present, accommodation, travel etc.) That's no small amount of money, but remember what you get in return – a lovely party, for one. How often do you attend proper parties with all the trimmings? They've planned the whole thing with your enjoyment in mind, so sit back, relax and have some fun.

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3. Make a weekend of it

Most weddings take place on a Friday or Saturday, which means that you've got some free time around it. Take this opportunity to enjoy a weekend away. Research nice pubs nearby; find a cheap airbnb or splash out on a swanky hotel; choose some country walks or discover a new museum. Create the mini-break of your dreams. After all, you're already there, you may as well make the most of it.

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4. Incorporate it into a holiday

Lots of wedding guests balk at the thought of forking out for a big day abroad. And that's fair enough. But when you're using up annual leave and/or already travelling to another country, doesn't it make sense to plan a trip around it? If you're headed to Ibiza, check out the nightlife or chill on the beach; if your friend is having a traditional Hindu ceremony in India, take a couple of weeks off work to explore this stunning country; Germany? Plan a road trip. Greece? Take a sailing holiday. New Zealand? Go camping! There is always something amazing to see, no matter where you are in the world. Turn it into your annual holiday and you won't feel it's a waste of time or money.

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5. Catch up with friends

This can fall under 'mini-breaks' and 'holidays', but being able to arrange some downtime with old friends – beyond the main celebration – is another wedding perk. We're sure there'll be people there who've moved away or live somewhere far from you, so get in touch with them once you know they're attending and organise some quality time!

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