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How To Choose A Wedding Band

We've been searching for the best wedding bands and wedding music. Below, you can discover what we found! These are some of the most amazing music genres available for weddings – and you can even listen to some of our favourite performers' tunes. We hope this will help you choose yours

31 Aug 2018

Choosing a wedding band can be one of the hardest tasks during wedding planning. Many of us enjoy listening to numerous music genres and styles, yet it can be hard to think of what would work best on the big day. How will your wedding band represent you as a couple? Will that wedding band's music sound jarring as you walk down the aisle? Will it work for your all-important first dance? Will your guests find it hard to groove along to? We've tried to make your choice a little easier by showcasing some of our favourite wedding bands and music ideas below. They's all pretty different, so we hope this will inspire you during your wedding music hunt. Read on to find out who they are and listen to some of their tunes. We hope this will help you choose!

A roaming band

Juke Joints Music, POA

A roaming band is a group who carry their instruments with them as they move through the space and occasionally interact with guests. It's a fantastic way to have music playing at a garden wedding, as they ensure they're constantly bringing their performance to everyone. The best roaming bands are fun, upbeat, confident and do killer harmonies – with their own take on well-known songs.

A jazz and swing band

Alexander Stewart, from £750 to hire

We all love a bit of amped up jazz music. And that's basically what a combination of jazz and swing sounds like (to the untrained ear, of course...). It's smooth yet fun; relaxing yet enlivening. Guests chill and chat as it plays (we're thinking club chairs and cocktails), just as much as they could get up and have a boogie to it. It's one of our favourite wedding band options – and could be yours, too!

An acoustic-folk band

The Wayfarers, from £1,619 to hire

A live acoustic-folk band can be lively as much as it can be sweet and romantic. We love the mix of vibes that can be created in this genre. Good acoustic-folk wedding bands often add their own twist to very popular songs, so guests can recognise hits and even sing along, all while enjoying the talent of live performers with distinct harmonies and sound.

A string quartet

The Wedding String Quartet, from £719 to hire

Made up of four string players, two violins, a viola and a cello, this classical style of music is extremely elegant. A wonderful idea for filling the silence before, during and after your ceremony, a string quartet can create both a peaceful or joyful atmosphere. They're also a very nice classical wedding music option for when guests are milling about with drinks and canapés. (Before getting the party started later...)

A saxophonist

Brendan Mills, from £1,995 to hire

Saxophonists are great because you can often get two genres in one! Of course, it's really lovely to listen to the smooth jazzy sound of this classic instrument, but now saxophonists have also started adding party-hard music to their repertoire. This originates in the Ibiza party scene, where dance tracks are frequently accompanied by a mega-cool live saxophone player. It does sound extremely cool – and unusual – and these musicians are reporting that Sax-DJ sets have become their most-requested wedding performance!

A rock(-style) band

Tomorrow Band, from €2,000 to hire

If you're into rock music, but you're worried about your guests' reception of it, go for a rock band who can play music in this style but more to everyone's tastes. There are many rock-esque wedding performers who can tone it up and down. They can introduce a motown, funk, pop (you name it) element into their set, while keeping their gruff vocals and hardcore instruments in action. The perfect balance!

A traditional ceilidh band

Frank Reid, from £900 to hire

A Scottish ceilidh, otherwise known as Scottish Country Dancing, is all about bringing guests together. Groups of people are taught, usually by the band playing, simple (more or less) choreography that takes them around the room partnering with lots of different people. It's a wonderfully social ice breaker – and is always hilarious. And the music is really lively and fun. Needless to say, as more and more drinks are consumed, it can get a little bit chaotic... But, frankly, if it doesn't, then you're not doing it right!

A harpist

Rebeca Jones, from £250 to hire

Another classical wedding music option, entering your ceremony as a harpist plays is really quite special. The sound falls seamlessly into the background of a room and harpists can play continuously, so there's no momentary silence between each piece. Everyone will enjoy listening to this heavenly instrument as they wait for your ceremony to begin. If they don't, they must be crazy!

Listen to Rebeca Jones play here.

A folk-pop band

The Haywains, from £2,225

Folk-pop is more upbeat than pure acoustic-folk music. They might be more interactive, use more unusual instruments (a banjo is known to make a welcome appearance!) and the performers are there to bring a smile to your face. We love how happy this style of music is. You and your guests will, too!