In the new issue of Brides, I've written candidly about my chronic blushing and how I managed to control it for my wedding day. Through a combination of breathing techniques, skincare and makeup, a fiery flush can definitely be tamed, but it's the latter that will make the most visible difference.


Picking the right foundation is much harder for those who want to cover up redness, so here are my shopping tricks that might help you:

· Hit the shops first thing in the morning, and take a non-drowsy antihistamine to prevent blotchiness so that you can test shades on a calm complexion.

· Tie your hair back and wear a white top that's cool and loose (not only to see your complexion against white clothing but to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible).

· Head to your favourite brand/s and choose a texture or finish that you like; I suggest a medium-weight satin finish (not too sheer, not too matte, not too dewy).

· Don't pick a shade that's too pale. It's tempting, but it will look ghostly when you're not blushing.

· Choose one that matches the skin below your collarbone. This is a great place to test the colour, as the skin there is a good example of your most natural skin-tone because it rarely goes red or ashy.

· Take three shades and swipe a little stripe over the skin beneath your collarbone. The one that disappears is the right shade for you.

· Ask someone on the counter to apply it with a brush or sponge all over your face. Say you'll return in 20 minutes once you've let it 'cook'.

· 'Cooking' is crucial! Go off for a wander round the shop while your skin settles from all that application and prodding. Step outside in daylight, take a selfie and look at your skin in the photo. Is it too pale/dark? Can you see any blushing coming through? Do you like how it feels?

· Consider also buying a primer that helps neutralise redness. Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Adjust Foundation Primer, £25.50 ( has a subtle green tone but it won't look weird AT ALL - trust me, it's practically invisible.

· A pale yellow setting powder will future-proof impending redness and surface shine; try Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow, £26 (

· Necks and chests can suffer from nervous rashes and blotchiness too. Use a make-up sponge to apply your foundation, and if the colour's too dense mix it with a bit of body lotion. Practice this in the weeks leading up to your wedding too.


Don't miss the March/April 2016 issue of Brides where I'll be listing my favourite foundations! On sale 28 January 2015.