For a striking table centre, decorate candelabras with fruit painted silver.

Spray-paint 10 apples and five bunches of faux grapes silver.

Cut dwelling into 10cm pieces at an angle to create sharp points. Once they are dry, pierce the apples with the dowelling.

Cut a cube of Oasis measuring 10cm by 10cm. Soak it in water and position one of the arms, close to the main stem of the candelabra. Secure it in place by wrapping floristry tape around the cube and the candelabra. Repeat so that a cube is secured to each arm.

Trim the stems of the roses to 8cm and insert into the Oasis cubes. Add the fruit by inserting the dowelling into the cubes. Using wire, attach the grape bunches at different heights. Add silver candles.

Candelabra with Cool Water, Pacific Blue, Sweet Avalanche and Faith Roses, £165, Jamie Aston. Faux grapes, from £2.89 per bunch, Terralec, Apples, £2 for eight, Sainsbury's. Floristry wire, 60p for 140 lengths; spray paint, £9.52, Rainbow Florist Supplies. Dowelling, from 19p, Woodworks. Silver candles, £5.99 for six, John Lewis.

As featured in the May/June 2011 issue of Brides.