Throughout your life, your dad has been there to help and support you, and come your wedding day, he will play his most important role to date: that of walking you down the aisle and giving you away.


There is certain expectations of the father of the bride (mainly financial) but remember that it is a significant an emotional day for your dad too! To ensure that dad is looking as dapper as can be, we've come up with five simple guidelines he help dress dad…

1. All about timing

The time of day and details of the ceremony will dictate all major decisions. If the main event is scheduled before 6pm, then you can kit our dad with full morning dress - top hat and all! If that is a bit too much, then opt for something formal in blue or grey. If you want something a bit smarter, and ready for the evening do, then opt for a tux or a dark coloured suit. Linen suits are acceptable for weddings abroad, although it might still feel a bit casual. A lightweight wool might be best, even if a little thicker.


2. Dress for the Occasion

It is the most important day of your life, and it will be emotional for your dad too, but when it comes to dressing men you cannot make this point enough. Attention to detail will raise the bar, making sure your dad looks the part on the big day. If he looks like he's just on the way into the office, then he's got it wrong. Keep away from normal suits and opt instead for a distinguished four-buttoned suit or a two button suit jacket with lapels.

3. If in doubt, overdress

As a rule, overdressed is better than underdressed, so go for it with all the bells and whistles: waitcoats, silk ties, matching pocket squares and cuff links are all acceptable, if not essential.#


4. Co-ordination is the name of the game

If dad wants to be a bit of a dandy-dad and sport his fashion credentials, feel free to remind him that this is not the time or the place. His outfit ought to co-ordinate with the rest of the bridal party, otherwise he will stick out like a sore thumb come picture time - and no one wants that!

5. Fabulous feet

His shoes must match the rest of his sophisticated look - so perhaps instead of his comfy brogues, dad should reach for classic lace-ups or smart Oxfords. His shoes (all men's shoes, for that matter) should be clean and polished.


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