Your big day is worth sharing - and we'd love to see your wedding snaps!

If you would like your wedding to be featured in Brides, the UK's number one best-selling bridal magazine, all you have to do is send in a selection of your best snaps for consideration.


Here to tell you how to get your big day in the glossy magazine is Brides Editorial Assistant, Sophie Cullen. She's seen it and heard it all when it comes to wedding celebrations and parties, but she is also in charge of finding the most inspiring and beautiful weddings of them all! So we asked her for her top tips on how to get your wedding noticed:

It's About You - "Don't forget to include at least one amazing shot of you and your lucky groom! The whole celebration is about you, so do include pictures of yourselves. Pictures of guests don't usually feature very prominently, it's more about the couple, the details and the day."

Think quality, not quantity - "The quality and vision have to be there for us to be interested, so really do find the right kind of photographer who will capture your wedding in the best light possible."


Be selective - "It may be hard to edit down your pictures, we know, but we want to see a selection of images that you feel best represent your big day. Don't get caught up with images just from the ceremony if what might really make your wedding stand out is the reception, and vice versa. We usually request an initial set of images (a maximum of 20) and if we are interested in those we will then request more, so those first set of pictures really do matter."

Details, details, details - "You spent so much time and effort on those details - the favours, the cake, the flowers, the lighting etc - and we want to see them! Those details are what can really make a wedding stand out from another, so be sure to include those images in your selection."


Above and beyond - "We do see a lot of weddings, yes, but they're all unique and special in their own way, so figure out what it is that makes yours unique and really emphasize on that. Did you have bright accents throughout the day? Bridesmaids dressed in all the colours of the rainbow? Sweet DIY details that made your reception special? That is what we really love to see."

Don't Be Discouraged - "If your wedding hasn't happened yet don't fret! If you are in the planning stages you can get in touch with us and let us know about it. We will need a picture of you and your groom-to-be and the details of the day, you just have to be quite specific about how it will look and feel."

For your chance to be featured in Brides or on, submit your 20 best images, along with captions and a general summary of your big day here. Only the best will go on to be featured in the magazine and online. Good luck!