Ellena Ophira

How To Keep Your Flowers Fresh In Hot Temperatures

Every summer brides-to-be dreams of clear skies, sunshine and warm temperatures. And while British heatwave makes for a wonderful wedding party vibe, it can play havoc on keeping your flowers looking fresh from morning until night.

05 Jul 2018

Before you add 'wedding flowers wilting in the summer heat' to your pile of wedding stress though, there are ways you can keep your bouquet looking fresh in the summer sun.

“Summer is a magical time for a wedding and with some planning, it is absolutely possible to keep flowers looking vibrant and at their very best all day long and, with the right care, well beyond wedding day,” says artisan florist Kerry Ashby of Foxgloves and Alice.

Here, Kerry shares her best wedding flower tips for your big day:

Get you flowers on the day

Don’t be tempted to have flowers delivered the day or even the evening before the big day. Florists have temperature-controlled areas to prolong the life of flowers so do ensure they are delivered on your wedding day for the very best-looking blooms.

Ellena Ophira

Invest in spray bottles

These inexpensive bottles can be picked up easily and are ideal for keeping arrangements, hand-held bouquets and table decorations fresh. Ask a flower-loving member of your wedding party to give them a quick spray every hour to keep things fresh.

Don't wear flowers until the last minute

Avoid putting on any floral accessories - such as crowns, necklaces or garlands - until the last moment. Excess weight, as well as the heat, will only add to the pressure of flowers looking their very best.

Ellena Ophira

Give your bouquet water throughout the day

It's important to give your flowers time out during the day so plan to have somewhere to put your bouquet and your bridesmaids' arrangements during the wedding breakfast and reception. Think pretty vases, somewhere out of harm's way, where the bouquets can have a much-needed drink of water. It will also spare the flowers being left exposed on reception tables or damaged on the dancefloor.

Water then with warm water

The key to the water is to keep it cool. Cold water will shock the flowers and make them wither faster while hot water will dehydrate them. Warm water can help them drink faster getting those quick nutrients to perk right up. If, by chance, your flowers do wilt, keep the tepid water flowing.

Keep flowers out of the sun when possible

One of the best ways to keep flowers fresh is to ensure they are hydrated in a cool, dark area until they are needed. While you may think that flowers love light, this is only true when they’re growing. Too much light in your storage area will only contribute to your flowers withering faster.