Ta-ta super-sweet bakes! If you're part of the growing trend looking for a showstopper that's a little more savoury, you'll need our expert tips on picking the perfect cheese wedding cake.


1. 'Pre-taste all the cheeses,' says Andy Swinscoe of The Courtyard Dairy. 'Good cheese shops will let you come in for a tasting, or mail-order samples.'

2. 'An ideal serving per person is 70-100g. Choose each of your cheese layers with at least 2cm difference in diameter to get a nice increment.'

3. Pick a few styles, including one hard, one soft and one blue cheese. The harder cheeses are usually more popular, so order those in the biggest quantity.'

4. 'Add colour with varieties such as Sparkenhoe Red Leicester or Shropshire Blue, and texture with a soft goat's cheese or crumbly Lancashire.'

5. 'Serve your cheese at room temperature - it tastes so much better! I'd recommend taking it out of the fridge a few hours before slicing.