Planning a wedding can be stressful at the best of times - but what if you have to squeeze months and months of work in to just a few weeks? We asked luxury wedding planner Kerry Jackson-Rider for her advice: Is it possible to fit months and months of planning into just a matter of weeks? "Of course it can! All you need is lots of free time and the ability to make fast and informed decisions, quite often on the spot. The quickest wedding I know of was planned in just 3 weeks but expect to be spending practically all your waking hours on it. This is why it would be a good idea to have a good wedding planner by your side to help." So where do we start? "First things to decide are what type of ceremony you want and where ie. religious or civil, home or destination. Don't forget that many popular destinations have legal and residency requirements to take into consideration. Next you can begin to think about the venue and number of guests. The biggest problem with giving your guests short notice is definitely making travel arrangements, especially for overseas guests; getting a 'Save the Date' or, if possible, your invitations out ASAP is vital. Another problem you may encounter is not being able to get your first choice venue and, indeed, your favourite suppliers. Out of season is going to be a lot easier BUT you need to be prepared for this and definitely have a Plan B." What about the dress? "You're not going to have the normal amount of lead in time to order that designer dress. You may have to buy off the peg or look out for some incredible sample sales which can include one-off prototypes by top designers." So what are the Top 10 Things to Do? 1. Decide upon date 2.Type of ceremony 3. Preferred location/ venue 4. Guest list and numbers 5. Guests' travel arrangements 6. Save the Date/ Invitations out ASAP 7. Book ceremony and reception venues 8. Book suppliers - photographer, catering, entertainment, flowers, transport, hair and make up, any extras 9. Attire/ rings/ accessories 10. Book honeymoon There are many other things you may or may not like to schedule in too eg. gift list, hair and make up trials, seating plan, passport and vaccinations, menu tasting, wedding cake, hen and stag parties, writing vows and speeches. It may all sound a bit overwhelming which is why you need to be VERY organised and focused or hire a wedding planner who has the experience and the contacts on speed dial to provide you with great service and worth. Sounds very stressful, do you have any words of advice? "I personally think that planning a wedding in a short amount of time is very exciting as you have to keep the momentum going and it builds very quickly towards the big day. I also think, for some reason - probably the extreme focus, that it is easier to gel everything together. When you are working on a wedding for 12 - 18 months, ie. when you have loads more time, I find couples regularly change their minds about things, which is only natural. It is nice because you can spread everything out and there is no rush. Some couples love this but others I know have felt that is was too long a process and wished they'd got married a lot more quickly. The great thing is, whichever your preference, that every couples' wedding ideas and timeframes are so different which is what makes every wedding unique and a joy to help create. Remember all things are possible!" For more advice from Kerry Jackson-Rider visit FROM PLANNING PLANNING YOUR WEDDING? START HERE CELEBRITY WEDDINGS OF 2012