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How To Plan Your Wedding In 30 Days

If you dream of having the perfect wedding, but the prospect of months of planning fills you with dread, don't worry! Read on to discover how you can plan your special day in a whirlwind – or even as little as 30 days

09 Jul 2018

Since the world witnessed the fairy-tale union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May, it seems like everyone's caught wedding fever. Romance is in the air, and many engaged couples are now hoping to tie the knot sooner rather than later. Planning a wedding in a short timeframe may be tough but, if you're organised and decisive, then it can be done in as little as 30 days! Read on to find out how...

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Keep Calm

The very first thing NOT to do is panic. Yes, you have a lot of planning to get through, but it most definitely can be done. As mentioned already, being decisive is one of the most important things when it comes to planning a wedding in a short space of time. Go with your gut instincts and you'll likely find you come to the same conclusions you would have done even if you'd spent weeks deliberating.

Give notice

Hot on the heels of not panicking should come contacting your local registry office, who need 30 days notice that you're getting married. So make this the absolute first practical step you take. If you're having a civil ceremony, then you can book the registrar at the same time, who'll officiate your nuptials on the day.

Book your venue

Booking your reception venue should go hand-in-hand with booking your ceremony, as it's best/easiest to hold your ceremony either near or at it. Popular venues can be booked up months in advance but, you never know, sometimes they have a cancellation or they might have late availability on weekdays or during low (wedding) season.

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Send invitations

You don’t need to wait for the whole wedding to be planned before sending out invites. If your ceremony and reception venue(s) are booked, then you'll also know the date, time and location of your wedding. And that's all the information your guests need to know – though it helps to tell them the dress code at the same time. Stationer Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards suggests: “You could send your invitations by email, so that guests can RSVP quickly. Or, if you make a website for your big day, they can RSVP online. Meanwhile, reception stationery (menus, name cards, table plan, Order of the Day...) can be turned around within 30 days. Choose a pattern or motif from your stationer’s existing designs to save time, then use this across all your reception stationery, too.”

Take some time off work

If you can, taking even a couple of days off work during your 30 days of planning will really help you out. It also means you don’t have to solely rely on free evenings and weekends to visit suppliers and make other appointments. If you and your partner can take 2-3 days off work together, make this the time when you visit and book key suppliers, such as your photographer, florist and cake maker.

For brides planning to wear a dress: choose it quickly

You need to be very decisive during the wedding dress hunt. You also need to allow enough time for any adjustments that need to be made. You won’t have the time to commission a bespoke gown, but many bridal shops will have sample sales, where you can buy dresses that are ready and waiting. You may also want to look at what the high street has to offer; Whistles, French Connection, ASOS and Monsoon all carry beautiful collections that you can buy on the day.

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Take care of the finer details

With the venue booked, you can now talk catering requirements and sign off finer details about the running order of the day. You can also start thinking about things like decorations for the venue, as well as make final decisions about flowers and the cake design. Bear in mind: you may come up against more restrictions when ordering things like cakes and flowers last-minute, as there may not be time to create bespoke ideas. In fact, throughout your 30-day planning period, you'll always need to keep an open mind and try to be flexible.

If you're having bridesmaids and/or groomsmen (or equivalent), make a list of tasks they can assist you with, such as collecting items, organising RSVPs or communicating with suppliers.

Enjoy it!

In the whirlwind of planning, make sure you also leave yourself some time to really enjoy the process. Planning a wedding in 30 days is a huge achievement and the outcome is bound to be a beautiful day. Ensure you leave space to absorb the excitement of saying ‘I do’ on the day – and starting the next chapter of your lives together. And have fun!

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