The festive feeling in the air come Christmas-time is perhaps one of the reasons why winter weddings are so popular. Sharing their decor know-how, Interflora have shared with us a darling DIY idea for a merry decoration using seasonal blooms.


With pretty pops of colour, muted tones and beautiful accessories, this vintage look is oh-so delicate and would be a delightful accompaniment to your festive do:

1. Trim the floral foam to size so that it fits snugly into a ceramic pot but still protrudes from the top by an inch and a half.

2. Immerse the foam garland in water until completely soaked, return to the container and place on a work surface to begin.

3. Cut off sprigs of spruce and insert into the foam at a slight angle to form a collar of foliage around the edge.

4. Snip a short stem of ornamental cabbage and insert into the centre of the foam.

5. Cut the carnations on an angle and cluster them in groups around the ornamental cabbage.

6. Use off-cuts of the hypercium berries, red oak and then bind together with reel wire to hold its shape. Using a skewer, insert this into the arrangement.

7. Using a template, draw star shapes on a sheet of bark and cut them out. Insert into the design by pushing one of the tips into the floral foam.

8. For the finishing flourish- tie a bow using lace ribbon and secure into the arrangement using florist's twine.


The key ingredients: A ceramic pot or containers; block of floral foam; a selection of Christmas foliage including spruce and holly; a sheet of beech bark; flat moss; red oak; ornamental cabbages; faded pink carnations; red hypericum; eringium; scissors; florist's wire; skewers

Keep this fabulously festive arrangement fresh by watering it every two or three days.