Your engagement is meant to be the happiest moment of your life, but just what do you do if you're a little underwhelmed with what's in the box? You need a tactical plan of how to cope with a serious case of 'I hate my engagement ring'-itis, that's what. Keep reading to discover our top tips and advice for handling a sparkler you just don't love all that much.


1. Don't panic

Even though on first impressions you might not like it, don't use it as a way to doubt your relationship. Even if he knows you inside out, he's not used to shopping for you and so may not get it right every time. Take a few days to decide what to do, as you don't want to give a kneejerk reaction that could end badly.

2. Find out the story behind the ring

Ask him why he chose that ring (carefully, of course) and let him explain. There may be a specific reason or romantic story behind it, in which case - you may not need to move on to number 3…

3. Be tactful

Chances are he's spent hours, days, even weeks agonising over which ring will make you say 'yes' (though, obviously, it's not just about the bling), so there's a way to let him know it's not quite your style. Do speak up - you need to be able to be honest. Tactfully explain to him that you can't see yourself wearing this style of ring.


4. Re-design

If it's a family heirloom, why not suggest you take it to a

jeweller to make it into something unique to both of you? A good

jeweller will be able to reset the stone in a style that's more

'you'. If they purchased the ring new, suggest a romantic afternoon

trip to the jewellers to substitute with a ring you choose


5. Learn to love it

Ultimately, you are marrying the person and not the ring. Not your usual style? Why not embrace a new one. If you can't bear to tell your partner how you really feel, remembering the sentiment behind the jewels can help put things into perspective.

6. Plan ahead

If you think engagement could be on the cards, suggest looking at rings together - even if you don't buy one, it will give him an idea of the type of ring you like so he's more likely to get it spot on when the time comes.