Your hair faces the elements everyday - exposed to intense heat and cold which can leave it feeling dry, drab and dull. No blushing bride wants that - of course. Luckily, we've found a solution! Brides-to-be looking for the ideal hydrating treatment (and a stylish salon to administer it) should head to Inanch Salon for the Micro-Mist Spa treatment. The micro-mist repairs and rejuvenates your hair - giving it back its strength without weighing it down with unnecessary conditioners and products. Using mist, as the name suggests, the product penetrates deeper into your hair - taking the nourishment where it is needed the most and practically 'healing' your hair from the inside out. It takes no more than 20 minutes and uses a deeply conditioning product and heat to help it absorb, followed by a cooling period to lock in moisture. The treatment will leave your hair visibly smoother and softer. What is more important as well is the staff at Inanch Salon - who disprove any and all qualms you might have about hairdressers. They listen to what you want, examine your hair and make appropriate suggestions. The salon is stylish and practical; the staff friendly and accomodating. They also provide a number of award-winning services including hair extensions, bridal hair and wedding services as well as amazing styling. Micro Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment £50 at Inanch London. For more information visit or call 020 7383 7607. MORE FROM THE BEAUTY BLOG CATCH UP ON THE LATEST FROM BRIDESMAGAZINE.CO.UK GET THE LOOK