Brides editor Jade Beer is not only The Boss, but knows everything there is to know about weddings and etiquette. She says:

Yes, absolutely you should invite your boss to your wedding - if you want her there that is! The answer to this question is really rather simple and it shouldn't get complicated just because you report to her Monday to Friday.


If you are fortunate enough to have a relationship with your boss that means your wedding day just wouldn't be the same without her there, then yes of course you should invite her. But, if you're feeling a level of expectation about needing to invite her - then don't.


No one, bosses included, should feel any entitlement to your wedding invitation. I certainly wouldn't feel that I should be invited to any wedding on the Brides team and when I got married I didn't invite my then boss to the wedding either. I just wasn't that close to him and ours was very much a business relationship not a personal one.


But there are some health warnings attached to this. Bosses are human too and if you're inviting everyone in the office except your boss then they may feel a little excluded. My advice would be to manage expectations from the outset. Not inviting them? They keep your discussions about the wedding with them to a minimum. If they're not going to be there to enjoy the day then do they really need weekly updates on the cake flavour/menu choices/band you've hired? Just share information when and if they ask.