How To Plan An A-list Wedding

02 Oct 2015

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We know - organising a wedding is hard. But when you're a celeb - with a team of planners, couture dressmakers and expert suppliers at your disposal - surely it's a breeze? Not so, revealed Izzy Judd, the former Escala violinist, as she chatted candidly to Brides fashion editor Astrid Joss and eager brides-to-be at the show's On The Sofa. Her wedding to McBusted drummer Harry Judd in December 2012 was done entirely by the couple themselves, despite it being a star-studded affair. How to plan your own big day worthy of an A-lister? Here were her top tips:

1. Know what you want - but be prepared to change your mind…

Izzy says: 'I'd always planned to get married in a beautiful barn in spring. But finding the right venue proved surprisingly difficult. None of the barns were quite right, and we didn't want to wait too long - increasingly we started thinking about a winter wedding. In the end, we chose the local church where I grew up and St Michael's Manor Hotel in St Albans ­- the opposite of what I thought I'd wanted.'

2. Build a close relationship with your suppliers

'Initially we hired a wedding planner, but it didn't work out. I love organising things and am naturally very bossy, so I found it difficult to listen to someone telling me what my vision was. I also hated not getting to know the people involved - it was important to me that I had a good personal relationship with them. Becoming good mates with my suppliers meant that they were also really interested in the outcome of everything, which made me feel like I wasn't just another bride in a long list.'

3. Don't just look at the big bridal designers…

'Remember: when it comes to your wedding gown, you don't have to go for a big name. I found mine in a boutique close to where I live - Tantrums & Tiaras in London. The designer there, Elaine, also made my six bridesmaid dresses.'

4. …but do try on as many dresses as you can

'Although I loved my dress, I do wish I'd experimented. I should have gone to somewhere like Harrods or Browns Bridal, had some fun and tried on everything under the sun. Buying your gown is an experience - don't waste it.'

5. Get a male opinion

'I was torn between two dresses. However, my mum was in favour of the big princess gown, making it even harder for me to choose! In the end, I asked my brother to come with me to a fitting ­- and he took one look at Mum's favourite and told me I looked about 10 in it. I wanted to look my best for Harry and so a man's opinion was crucial.'

6. Have a wedding photographer
and a videographer

'Although I love my wedding photos, if I'm having a bad day it's my wedding video I put on. Harry's always coming home and finding me sitting on the sofa watching it! You can see the reactions of your friends and family that you don't always get in pictures, and relive those special moments again and again. My only regret is that I didn't mike the musicians up properly, so we didn't get great sound on it.'

7. Be sure to include things that are important to you

'We both met on a McFly tour 10 years ago - I was playing the violin - and now play as part of a string quartet, Serene Strings. Music is incredibly important to us (Harry even proposed to me to a song - the Beach Boys' Don't Worry Baby) so it became the focal point of our day, and really connected all our friends and family.'

8. Things will go wrong - but that's ok

'I can honestly say that planning our wedding proved to be the happiest time of our lives together. But we did have issues to contend with: our florist pulled out two months beforehand, and the people coming to set up the mics got the date completely wrong! There were a few moments when we thought "aahhhhhh!" but it was alright on the night.'

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