Use jam jars instead of baskets to hold your confetti during the ceremony.

Cut two pieces of wire measuring 20cm. To make two half-circles, wrap the middle section of one wire around one half of the jar mouth (2). Repeat with the other piece of wire. Where the pieces meet, bend the wire back as shown. Take one end of each wire and, holding them together, loop them around a pencil, twisting the ends to secure them (3). Place the wire circle over the jar mouth. With the wire tight on the jar, make the second loop by wrapping the other ends of the wire around a pencil and twist the ends. Wrap the ribbon around the jar top and push the ends through the wire loops made by the pencil. Tie a knot and a bow, and hang the jar on the back of a chair. Fill it with confetti.


Jar, £1.99, Confetti, £19.99 for 150g, Wire, £2.99 for 30m, and wire cutters, £9.99 for a four-piece set, Pencil, £2.50, Organdie ribbon, £1.40 per metre, Chair, £8.58,


As seen in the September/October 2013 issue of Brides