Just who is James Matthews, Pippa Middleton's fiance? How did he and Pippa meet? How did he propose? We've rounded up our top ten facts about the hedge fund manager to learn a little more about Pippa's husband-to-be.

1. James Matthews proposed to Pippa Middleton on a romantic getaway in the Lake District in July 2016, with the permission of Pippa's dad, Michael Middleton.

2. The pair first met over 10 years ago, when the Middleton's were on holiday at James's parents hotel, Eden Rock St Barths in the Caribbean.

3. James Matthew's younger brother is Spencer Matthews, who found fame on E4 reality television show 'Made In Chelsea' and was briefly a contestant on 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'.

4. He's a hedge fund manager, a.k.a he manages <i>a lot</i> of private money and is chief executive of Eden Rock Capital Management Group (not to be confused with his parents' Eden Rock hotel in St Barts in the Caribbean - the name is purely coincidental.)

5. He's an heir to a title. His father, David Matthews, is Laird of Glen Affric in Scotland, owning a 10,000-acre Scottish estate near Loch Ness. As the eldest living sibling (his elder brother died climbing Mount Everest), James will inherit the title and Pippa will be named Lady Glen Affric.

6. James is very sporty. Not only is he a big fan of skiing - he and Pippa competed in the Bikebeiner ski race in Norway­- in 2015 the couple completed a 50-mile swimming and running challenge. Plus, he's into his tennis, having been spotted at Wimbledon with Pippa. The couple's dog Rafa, a working cocker spaniel, is even named after one of the top tennis players Rafa Nadal.

7. He has a very good taste in rings… Pippa's (huge) engagement ring featuring a three-cart Asscher-cut diamond is rumoured to be worth in the region of £250,000.

8. He's a country boy at heart - just like Pippa - having grown up on his parents estate in Nottinghamshire and attending traditional boarding school Uppingham in Rutland.

9. He used to be a professional racing driver, winning both the British Formula Renault Championship and Eurocup Formula Renault in 1994.

10. James and Pippa have dated previously. The couple were linked in 2012 before Pippa dated Nico Jackson (another financial big shot). They got back together in 2015, and within a year became engaged.