The UK's leading self-tanning expert James Read tells Brides what tan he thinks Kate Middleton will go for on her wedding day: "If we go back to the engagement photos and interview, you can see that Kate's had a light spray tan to create a really healthy glow. That's the kind of look I predict she'll go for on the wedding day. It's what I call a "Complexion Tan". "It's all about using product to enhance your skin, not coating it with a layer of tropical colour. It's a very lightly-sprayed tan that fools everyone into thinking you have an amazing natural glow. It takes the edge off, a bit like candlelight, and it's a great way to counteract the washed-out effect of flash photography."

"For any wedding day, you want your tan to work with the white dress so it has to be light and natural. Test it out a few weeks before the big day and check out how your skin looks if you wear a white vest. Get a friend to take some photos with a flash and see how the colour comes out. It should look like you've had a relaxing break and that you're glowing from within. Placement of the tan is important too: if you dig out some old holiday photos, you'll see that your arms are darker on top than underneath, the hands never tan on the sides, your shoulders go darker and so on. Follow those guides to get the most authentic-looking self-tan."

"Back to Kate; if I was doing her tan for the wedding I'd probably choose St Tropez. It works for every skintone. I'd do two really fine layers, not only to look really natural but so that it fades invisibly. If you want to tan yourself at home, I think the L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Express Pro Spray can is amazing - the nozzle is genius. Remember; to get the best finish on your face, prep the skin by rubbing an ice cube all over to close up the pores and apply a light layer of moisturiser." Book at tan with James by calling 020 7300 1414.