Jenny Packham's name is sure to go down in history - and not just because of a certain Duchess of Cambridge!

Her love of '30s glamour and sleek silhouettes set the trend for vintage styles in bridal and her feminine designs continue to capture the hearts and eyes of A-list celebrities including Kate Hudson, Halle Berry, Christina Hendricks, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie and Adele.

In the September/October 2013 issue of Brides we challenged the designer - who is celebrating 25 years in fashion - to shop the high street. Keeping with that theme, we also asked for her top five style tips for brides on a budget. Here is what she had to say:

1. Keep it simple: "Look for a simple bias cut satin slip dress," says Jenny. "Check out Caroline Bisset's wedding dress and spend the rest of your budget on a fabulous head piece and hand-held flowers."

2. Make a long-term investment: "Wear a short ivory cocktail dress and blow the rest on fabulous metallic shoes that you will definitely wear again."

3. Make it an intimate affair: "Keep the wedding very small and special - that way you can save on catering and buy the designer dress of your dreams."

4. Think outside the box: If you want something different for the big day why not rent a Japanese ivory kimono? "Beautiful and alternative!"

5. Cheers to friends and family: "The village hall wedding and vintage wedding dress look is both fashionable and affordable. Ask guests to contribute musically and ask your favourite aunt to bake. Wild flowers and an eclectic dinner service will add to the relaxed and fun feel of your day."


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