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This Is Why You SHOULD NEVER Propose On Valentine's Day

A Valentine's Day proposal? Glamour magazine Editor Jo Elvin can't think of anything worse...

You'd go a long way to find a more rubbish proposal story than mine. When my future mother-in-law asked us over lunch if we thought we'd ever get married, and my future husband's reaction was to cough, splutter and tell her to butt out, the ensuing hours of my frosty silence was only broken when he said something like, 'Ok, fine, do you want to bloody get married then?!' I think it's funny - our hearts had made their minds up within weeks of us getting together, and here we are 17 years on, so how we got the job done wasn't a huge deal to me. It horrifies others though, including a man I met at a dinner party who begged me to make up a different story.

But I would take my real, rather crap proposal over the clichéd Valentine's Day scenario every time. While I can't deny I was born missing the romance chip, even I can see that popping the question on predictable old 14th February isn't it. In fact, nothing has done more to kill the concept of romance - and I mean, bludgeoning, stabbing, smothering, and setting it on fire - than this, its Designated Date. A compulsory public love-in that feels devoid of much genuine sentiment at all.

For a start, if he does propose over a Valentine's dinner, in a suitably romantic, candle-lit restaurant, how will he know it was you who said yes, when 25 other women in the room are shrieking the same thing? When I hear that people got engaged on Valentine's Day, I always assume that a) she delivered an ultimatum or b) he's the kind of unimaginative guy who you also see stress-sweating at the perfume counter in Selfridges at 10pm on Christmas Eve.

Of course, there will be people for whom the day has some significant, deeply personal meaning. If it also happens to be the anniversary of the day that, say, he first swiped right, then this makes total sense. But if not, and you don't want see everyone's eyes glaze over when you're telling your engagement story, my wish for all the future brides out there is that he picks another of the 364 days at his disposal.

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