Rules are there to be broken, they say, and I am a huge champion of this motto for bridal beauty. You don't have to wear dusty powder or tons of foundation or a twirly updo. Wear the red lipstick! Paint your nails gold! SKIP THE UNDER-EYE CONCEALER IF YOU'RE ONLY 28! The same goes for perfume. You absolutely do not have to match your scent to your bridal bouquet, or smell like a peony, or choose a suffocatingly girly perfume just because the bottles says 'bride' or 'love' or 'white'. Bridal beauty is, funnily enough, incredibly simple: it's making yourself feel and look like your best possible self, the one that turns left on the Private Jet of Wedding Gorgeousness.


So if your perfume tastes are indeed more earthy, soft and skin-like, rather than the traditional frothy, flouncy and floral bridal category, it makes sense to upgrade that concept to something really quite special within the same category. If you're nodding away to this thinking 'that's me!', you need a bit of JO LOVES Red Truffle 21 in your life.


Predominantly this is a green scent using fresh fig, vibrant citrus and grounding, forest-floor notes of pine and vetiver. And then, something new. Truffle (actual truffle, not the chocolate variety) gently comes in, but in such a beautiful way you understand why it is synonymous with decadence and luxury. And lust: the chef Giorgio Locatelli once told me that "the reason why Italians go crazy over truffles is because they smell like sex." Suddenly this perfume becomes rich, rounded, warm and human, drawing all the other elements deep into your skin so that it mixes with your own bodily scent. It's the equivalent to the no-makeup-makeup thing: you know it's there, but it's so subtle and natural and beautiful that people say 'you smell amazing', rather than 'what are you wearing?'


To all those rule-breakers out there: your first class fragrance has arrived.

A bit about the '21' and 'Red': JO LOVES' founder Jo Malone MBE celebrates her 21st anniversary within the beauty industry this October, and this beautiful scent was created to mark the milestone. As Jo puts is: 'I never had the confidence to use such a unique and unusual ingredient as truffle until now.' The 'Red' reference pays homage to the red dot and red touches of interior gorgeousness that are incorporated into the Jo Loves branding. Happy Birthday Jo! Red Truffle 21, £95 for 100ml;